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Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Story of the Story-A Mystery

"Put your John Hancock right there." Did Mr. Hancock really sign the Declaration of Independence or was it photo-shopped in, asks historian B.T. Raven.
Of course he did, they did not have the digital foolery we have today, which brings me to my present mystery, the letter from the Grateful Dead to their fans.

 The show at Deer Creek was a disaster, even the police said they were not going to risk the human stampede again for the second night's show. The show was cancelled and a letter written up and sent to the fans, threatening to end all tours by the group if the rioting and destruction did not stop.

The Prologue of my memoir, Miss Hippie In Mississippi, states, without question, a letter was signed by the band to their fans asking them to stop the anarchy (25 sec. film clip) ruining the good vibes of a Grateful Dead concert.

But did Jerry sign the letter? Some Deadheads say yes, some say no. His signature could easily be photo-shopped in. I've seen a digital copy on Flickr.

 The newly released documentary movie  Long, Strange Trip is in the "no" camp. The reason makes perfect sense too, Jerry was anti-authoritarian, so to tell people how to behave was against his nature. A live and let live kind of guy. Hell, he didn't even want to be front man, but Ron McKernan's death created a void someone had to fill.

So, until I see a actual physical piece of paper containing his signature on the letter-which can also be forged-my jury is still out. The mystery remains.

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